The weather has been really good for the past 2 days and now all of a sudden it changed to flashes of lightning and thunder. It’s like a camera flash is lightening so quick and fast.

It’s funny as today I jokingly said to my mum that “my brother is the Sun and you are the rain.” She replied with, “and you are lightning and thunder.” Just coincidence that the forecast after the sunny weather turned to be lightening, thunder & rain.

We have all shades of weather here. And all shades of Spring & Summer. So I thought why not go out and get my much needed Vitamin D & explore the shops that I never knew existed until two decades later. It’s called Dress For Less and they have amazing stuff. But it’s like looking for gems amongst the rubbish. You have to check the quality is good otherwise it will rip off.

I’ve bought a dreamy pale pink dress that is cut from the back in a shape. And the front is loosely hanging around the shoulders.

Love this Summery Dorothy Perkins Blush shirt that has minimal embroidery.



These jeans are also Indigo Dorothy Perkins jeans originally made in Pakistan.Β πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°

I found more trousers the next day from Dress From Less they were made in Bangladesh. What was different was the material it was very velvety and different feel to it. Other trousers were made in Vietnam. I wonder what we make here in the UK then?


Close up of the material.


Left – is a deep red colour, the middle is a plum purple, then we have turquoise.


As you can see the colours are like the rainbow. Great Summer vibe, the fabric is stretchable. The turquoise shade is a jegging that really hugs in the right place. And most of all, they are comfortable to wear. I put on the purple & it had a velvet feel to it.

Apparently, I dress weird. But hey if you’re not dressing ‘weird’ then you’re not dressing like you feel comfortable. I usually reply with “I am weird.” I don’t really think too much about what I wear, I try to match and if it doesn’t match then I make it mine. It can take time to develop your own style, I never rushed these things. I had a time where I didn’t have enough clothes like my friends in high school. I wore any random outfit that I had at home because we couldn’t afford more back then. We learned to make do.

Now is the time, I’m close to 30s than 20s. I’m ready to create, create and create πŸ™‚

I also love the River Island rose gold shade glasses and Primark sunglasses ❀ obsessed with their sunglasses because these seem to look good with my face shape. I do recommend trying on different sunglasses & figuring out which shape suits you. With more longer faces and rounder eyes, the round glasses fit well.

I’m writing this while drinking honey & green tea for my sniffy hay fever.

I had the worst blister experience with these Dorothy Perkins sandals I bought a while back. Every time I wear them they dig into the weak & thin parts of my foot. So they did it for the second time when my foot was healing. The second time when I got home, I applied Zam Buk (as spoken about in older blogs) antiseptic and it worked so well.

So for now, I’m going to sit back in bed and read some blogs.

The next beauty blogs will cover Korean products.

Love J ❀ x

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