I’m sharing tips and steps taken to move into a Summer skincare regime. This is the first skincare only part and then I will go into what clothing I’ve got.

I have been adapting skin care to the seasons because your skin will change with the weather and your body adjusts the same. If you have hay-fever taking honey (or local honey) and exposing yourself to the Summer weather is highly suggested.

With the BodyShop oil based cleanser, you can replace that with any oil like Marula, Coconut, Castor and Almond oil spread on a cotton pad & it does the same job. In the Summer I prefer a more cooler cleanser than a oil one, so I go for Ziaja cleanser and in the night because of sweat from the heat – an anti bacterial night cream.


Ziaja sent me a ton of samples with the cream so I’ve been testing out their day cream SPF 10 for oily and combination skin. I have combination skin and it feels very purifying after a bath. I also let my hair dry without a heated blow dry I feel this is so important!

In the Summer you don’t need to dry your hair. The weather and towel do it for you. Plus it makes your hair look so much better when naturally drying out.

My go-to lipstick is Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury.Β πŸ’„

I also use Lipstick Queen’s honey bee and will like to try out others.

My favourite exfoliator for those itchy skin days is Himalaya’s gentle face scrub. I am big on exfoliation for the Summer, now I get why it makes a difference. In addition to this, I will be using other gentle skin exfoliation for after make-up. So keep informed πŸ™‚

The cheap brands that beat the expensive ones have to be Superdrug Vit E moisturisers.

There’s also a sale on at Yesstyle where I’ve been shopping like mad recently.

I listen to my fav Summer tune – Let me – by Zayn. Who doesn’t want to hear about Vanilla ice cream🍦 and someone singing ‘let me love you.’ ? 🍨

Love J x

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