Game of Silence –¬†Interesting story about youngsters who out of good intentions became caught up in a traumatising prison sentence and their later life. Unfortunately, this series was cut too short with having only 1 season.

 OA Рhighlights everything weird about Scientology. It came to an abrupt end after Season 1.

¬†Teen Wolf –¬†a series I watch with my teenage sibling. The actors are like over 30 but they’re acting as teens. It’s an interesting series with plot turns and suspense. The actual Werewolf running on all fours as a human looks kind of funny though.

¬†Stranger things –¬†It gets better with each episode and is set in Indiana during the 1980s. The vibe of the series is very old school and it makes it cool. Beyond Stranger things – lets us meet the characters and the ones that put on fake American accents while acting!

¬†Beyond –¬†the main character as a child lands in a coma and enters another world. The computerised effects of the other world aren’t as great as I thought but I will wait and see if it gets better. The problem with Beyond is that it started off with interesting characters and effects, then the actors that came later were just a tad boring and trying too hard.

¬†Haters back off – If you want to have a laugh, this is for you. I saw Miranda’s Youtube video way back and was torn between thinking whether she was real or living out a fantasy. I like how she puts on a persona. It cracked me up when she was like “I uploaded my video onto the internet.”

¬†Black Mirror –¬†very trippy series about technological paranoia. Some of the episodes are really weird and it pushes the limits.

Resurrection: Ertugrul Рcovers some ancient history about the Crusades and the bravery of Turkish warriors. A real eye-opener. It is a real story about Ertugrul Ghazi who was the father of Uthman who founded the Ottoman State.

The episodes that I wasn’t too interested in were: Sense8, Kick-Ass and Riverdale. That dragged on and wasn’t as funny as it should be.

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